Mcvitie's Launches White Chocolate Jaffa Cakes, But Competition Winners Will Only Be Able To Get Their Hands On Them


Mcvitie's Launches White Chocolate Jaffa Cakes, But Competition Winners Will Only Be Able To Get Their Hands On Them

Mcvitie's Launches White Chocolate Jaffa Cakes, But Competition Winners Will Only Be Able To Get Their Hands On Them

Are you a Mcvitie’s fan? If so, then this might just be the most exciting news you’ve heard all year! Mcvitie’s have announced that they are launching limited edition White Chocolate Jaffa Cakes - but only competition winners will be able to get their hands on them!

Who are the McVitie’s jaffa cakes aimed at?

The McVitie’s jaffa cakes white chocolate bar is aimed at adults who still have a craving for their childhood favourite but are all grown up now and have developed a taste for white chocolate. It is also aimed at those who didn’t like chocolate as children and feel ready to enjoy it now. With that in mind, McVitie’s has launched three different types of jaffacake white chocolate so that there is something for everyone. The package has been designed with festive parties in mind – whether it be Christmas or Halloween – so they can be used as party favours or given away in trick-or-treaters' Halloween goody bags.

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Where have the jaffa cakes been launched?

They will be available to buy in Sainsbury’s supermarkets across Britain from March 28. The 500 limited edition boxes are set to sell out quickly, however. The McVitie’s competition is open until Sunday and only one prize winner will be chosen – so only one lucky customer will be able to get their hands on a packet of McVitie’s white chocolate jaffa cakes.

Where can you buy these jaffa cakes?

The McVities' white chocolate jaffas will only be available to lucky competition winners through a McVities' competition. This means that you'll need to enter their giveaway if you want your hands on these white chocolate jaffas. The good news is that entering competitions is easy and you can do it without spending any money! Simply follow these 3 steps: 1) follow @mcvitiesfoods on Twitter 2) tweet about their competition using hashtag #Jaffacake3) include @mcvitiesfoods in your tweet and make sure you're following them, too. Make sure you use #Jaffacake when tweeting about McVities new white chocolate version of their delicious tea time favourite!

What flavours are they?

McVitie’s new white chocolate Jaffa cakes are part of a limited edition collection launching to celebrate their 100th birthday! They’ll be available in Tesco from 5 April for just 10 days.

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When can we expect more flavours in the future?

McVitie’s launched three new limited edition Jaffa Cake flavours yesterday in their continued battle to win over shoppers. In addition to their classic orange cake with a sweet orange jam filling, fans of Britain’s favourite biscuit are now able to buy white chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Over half a million limited edition packs have been released nationwide, with McVitie’s hoping that consumers will warm to these innovative twists on a much-loved classic. It remains unclear whether or not we can expect more flavours in future – although McVitie’s spokespeople remained tight-lipped about future plans for one of Britain’s favourite biscuits when approached by our team of reporters.

How many calories do they contain?

We can't give you an exact figure as it depends on how much of a McVitie’s Jaffa Cake white chocolate each person chooses to eat. We can tell you that each McVitie’s Jaffa Cake white chocolate contains just 25 calories and like all McVitie’s products they will be free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

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