Musk Probably Paid Portion Of Amber Heard’s Pledged ACLU Donations, Exec Testifies


Musk Probably Paid Portion Of Amber Heard’s Pledged ACLU Donations, Exec Testifies

Musk Probably Paid Portion Of Amber Heard’s Pledged ACLU Donations, Exec Testifies

Musk probably paid some portion of Heard’s pledged donations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an executive at one of Musk’s companies testified in court Friday, but she couldn’t say how much — a small victory for Amber Heard and her lawyers, who are trying to show that the tech mogul violated his $250,000 pledge to the organization.

Elon Musk May Have Shelled Out The Remainder Of A $1 Million Pledge To The ACLU

I suspect that he probably paid out of his own pocket for these additional donations, because it’s not something that would have come up on his radar otherwise. He might have seen an opportunity to contribute a portion of what Ms. Heard pledged and did so. — Attorney Larry Stein. The trial was conducted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk's lawyer Harold Brent in order to separate Musk from allegations filed by diver Vernon Unsworth (who was called a child rapist by Musk) when Unsworth claims Musk defamed him in reference to why he didn't cave dive with his team to rescue children trapped in a cave.

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Recipient Accuses Him Of ‘Attempted Bribery’ In Leaked Email

‘You Are A Horrible Human Being. I Will Learn About The Law Soon. And Then I Will Come After You Myself’ An email sent by Elon Musk to a recipient accusing him of attempted bribery has been leaked online after being filed as evidence in a lawsuit against Tesla's CEO. In an email from June 2017, which was filed on Friday as part of an ongoing defamation case between Musk and British diver Vernon Unsworth, Musk accuses Unsworth of attempting to bribe him for his help in rescuing 12 Thai schoolboys trapped in a cave.

Facing Criticism From Tesla Investors, He Claims The Reason For The Donation Was Misunderstood

Tesla CEO Elon Musk testified on Friday that he probably paid a portion of actress Amber Heard's pledged donations to the American Civil Liberties Union after facing criticism from investors at Tesla Inc.'s annual meeting. The billionaire said a negative statement he made about taking Trump's advice on tariffs was misunderstood by some people as a suggestion that he had talked with Trump about it. I just want to be clear that I did not talk to President Trump about Tesla or any other matter, Musk said at Tesla's annual meeting in Mountain View, California. I don't think it's likely that I would have brought up an issue like tariffs.

He Wanted To Further A Discussion About The Company’s Merger With SolarCity

In his testimony, Musk said he wanted to further a discussion about Tesla's planned merger with SolarCity. In 2016, Tesla bought SolarCity and Musk was chairman of both companies until last year. Musk didn't think another tweet would change anything. It seemed like better karma at $43 than at $40, he said. But I was wrong.

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According To His Attorney, That Is Exactly What Happened

I think he made payments to them directly, Robert Rossein said. The amount I don’t know because I wasn’t involved. But it was nothing significant. He certainly didn’t make any payment from SpaceX or Tesla. It was probably from a personal account of his own. The fact that he did that was very much appreciated by me and by my organization. But there really wasn't anything else to it than that.

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