Earn Through Blogging: How to Get Unlimited Organic Traffic from Google


Earn Through Blogging: How to Get Unlimited Organic Traffic from Google

Earn Through Blogging: How to Get Unlimited Organic Traffic from Google

If you want to earn through blogging, one of the first things you need to do is get organic traffic from Google on your blog. But how exactly do you do that? Read on and find out how to get organic traffic from Google with these 8 tips. Ready? Let’s get started!

Onpage SEO

You know that you want people to come back and read your content, but that’s only going to happen if you make it easy for them. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do on your site that will help direct readers there. Onpage SEO is an in-depth strategy for making sure your site is easily accessible through search engines like Google. You’ll want links within your posts and images (including links), meta descriptions, and well-written titles with relevant keywords in them. No matter what industry you’re in or niche you fall into, these suggestions can serve as a guideline for how to create quality content around topics people will find interesting—and may even be willing to pay for!

Offpage SEO

In some ways, offpage SEO is an easier task than onpage optimization. However, it’s just as important for your business. In a nutshell, offpage SEO involves link building and outreach with other influential sites in your niche. Links help Google better understand your site and it helps establish you as an authority figure in your industry. Promoting yourself through social media channels is another solid way to attract links back to your site (more info on promoting with social media). Regardless of how you approach link building, remember that links must be earned—you can’t buy them or trick them out of people. The best links are obtained through relationships and outreach.

Write Quality Posts

To get unlimited organic traffic, start by writing posts that are SEO optimized and of high quality. Quality posts will attract long-tail users from search engines, allowing you to build a larger audience base. Be sure your content is informational and rich in keywords—but also unique enough for readers to find your site appealing. Building a loyal base of followers who love your content will not only keep them coming back for more, but it'll also help boost your rankings on search engines such as Google! As you become better known as an authority in your niche, you'll begin to generate natural traffic without having to work hard at it. Quality content goes hand-in-hand with a solid strategy; use what you learn here today to develop both simultaneously!

Research, Research, Research

The best way to get free organic traffic is by understanding your market and researching your competition. While sites like Reddit and Hacker News provide great opportunities for organic traffic, they may not be right for your business. In order to earn more blogger traffic through organic search, you must conduct a lot of research in order to understand which keywords drive relevant user behavior and what content works best on each platform. Once you’ve done enough research, it’s time for some fun... let’s write some content!

Don’t Outsource What You Can Do Yourself

Working with a professional web designer can be useful if you have a very specific design in mind. But, like almost everything else in business, why pay for something when you can do it yourself? There are tons of free tools and resources available to get started. Start by understanding how search engines work (hint: It’s not about pretty). Once you understand what drives search traffic, sign up for every single social media site that comes along—you never know where your next customer will come from. Use a unique brand name and logo that you can trademark if you want to protect your intellectual property. Check out services like Squarespace or Wix if you need easy-to-use templates.

Spend Less Than 4 Hours Per Week On This - Really

This isn't some 'get rich quick' scheme. It's a proven, step-by-step guide that will teach you how to get traffic on your site that's both free and organic. The more traffic you have, the more money you'll make and I've included specific details on how to use various sources of Organic traffic - for free - but if that method doesn't work for you (for example, if your topic gets hit with duplicate content penalties), there are others covered as well. Anyone can do it! You don't need any special skills or previous experience...just a desire to learn and apply what I teach.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

We're going to break down how you can get unlimited organic traffic. And when I say unlimited, I mean UNLIMITED traffic. Why are we going over how you can get organic traffic? A) Because most of us know that search engine optimization (SEO) is powerful and will help grow your website if done correctly, and B) Because it's free and costs nothing other than your time. That's right, by using white hat SEO methods, you'll be able to rank for specific keywords organically through searches on Google. We’ll also be looking at some other methods for growing a high-traffic site as well as ways you can monetize your website—which I've seen be rather lucrative compared to most standard 9-5 jobs!

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