How to Get the Highest CPC Adsense Keywords for Your Blog

How to Get the Highest CPC Adsense Keywords for Your Blog

How to Get the Highest CPC Adsense Keywords for Your Blog

Using Adsense to monetize your blog, you may want to know the highest CPC keywords in your niche so that you can place these keywords on your website and earn higher revenue per click. In this article, I will list some of the highest CPC Adsense keywords that can make you tons of money if used correctly on your website to optimize your search engine results position (SERP). Let’s jump right into it!

Find High CPC Adsense Keywords

Look at your search traffic and keywords, you will see what keywords are getting high cpc adsense. This can help you in finding high cpc adsense keywords.

Create Pages Focused on 1 Word Each

When you focus on single, specific keywords in your content, it's easier to get ranked higher than trying a more general approach. Try creating a new page for each keyword (plus variations) and fill each with original content about your specific topic. For example, if you sell makeup tips for acne-prone skin, try creating individual pages about acne and acne treatments instead of making one catch-all page. More specific searches are likely to bring in more visitors—and higher CPC adsense revenue too!

Use Google Trends to Find the Most Searched Words

One way you can identify good keywords is by looking at search volume. A word might be low on search volume, but if it’s trending on Google Trends, that’s a sign that more people may start searching for it in future. Use Google Trends to check what is and isn’t popular when it comes to keywords. This can give you an idea of where your writing should go. In Google Trends, click Compare with search history (in green). You can use Past year as your time frame and Global search volume as your unit of measure

Run A/B Tests of Headlines with Data

Using data from your own site and Google Analytics, create a spreadsheet with two columns. In one column, enter at least ten headlines you’ve used on your site in an effort to get higher click-through rates. In a second column, list your average click-through rate (CTR) and revenue per visitor (RPV) generated by each headline variation. Analyze what worked and what didn’t by looking at which rows had higher CTRs and higher RPVs. Create even more variations of these successful headlines using Facebook ads or running A/B tests on your site using conversion pixels. Track all of them using Google Analytics as described in Chapter 9: Site Optimization & Testing.

Boost Organic Traffic by Writing About Related Topics

So, how do you get high-CPC adsense keywords? The simple answer is by writing about related topics. Just like any type of content marketing, it's important to think of your audience and not yourself. If you're selling a product that helps people make healthy smoothies, how do you get more organic traffic? Write articles on topics that are related such as: Top Smoothie Ingredients You Can Buy Locally, The Pros and Cons of Juicing vs.

Use Lists, Infographics, and Videos

List posts, infographics, and videos rank higher in search results. They’re also more likely to keep people on your site longer. This is why many blogs publish lists on a regular basis—to provide interesting information and improve SEO. As with other types of content, make sure you’re targeting keywords that have high page ranks or that have good long-tail search traffic (i.e., lots of search volume for specific keywords). And remember: List posts don’t need 10 items; five or seven will do just fine. You can include your other keywords in each individual list item if you wish, but listing fewer keywords makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Give Users Ways To Take Action

You need to give your users a way to take action. You can choose from a ton of different calls-to-action, like: sign up here, click on that ad over there, or request an information kit by clicking here. The best way is just to write in plain English what you want them to do and give them clear instructions on how they should do it. A good example would be Want extra resources? Join now and we’ll send you our digital marketing bundle! then provide a big button with JOIN NOW written on it so there is no confusion about what you want users to do next.

Publish multiple articles daily

In order to get hold of organic traffic and certain keywords it is most important to stay online and publish multiple articles on the keyword topics. This will keep your users engaged and will raise your blog bounce rate and CPC. 


Adsense highest CPC Keywords list for 2022

1.  Insurance $54.91
2.  Loans $44.28
 3. Mortgage $47.12
 4. Attomey $47.07
 5. Credit $36.06
 6. Lawyer $42.51
 7. Donate $42.02
 8. Degree $40.61
 9. Hosting $31.91
 10. Claim $45.51
 11. Conference call $42.05
 12. Trading $33.19
 13. Software $35.29
 14. Recovery $42.03
 15. Transfer $29.86
 16. Gas / Electricity $54.62
 17. Classes $35.04
 18. Rehab $33.59
 19. Treatment $37.18
 20. Cord Blood $27.80
21.  Mesothelioma Law Firm $179
 22. Donate Car to Charity California $130
 23. Donate Car for Tax Credit $126.6
 24. Donate Cars in MA $125
 25. Donate Your Car Sacramento $118.20
 26. How to Donate A Car in California $111.21
 27. Sell Annuity Payment $107.46
 28. Donate Your Car for Kids $106
 29. Asbestos Lawyers $105.84
 30. Structures Annuity Settlement $100.8
 31. Car Insurance Quotes Colorado $100.9
 32. Annuity Settlements $100.72
 33. Nunavut Culture $99.52
 34. Dayton Freight Lines $99.39
 35. Hard drive Data Recovery Services $98.59
 37. Donate a Car in Maryland $98.51
 38. Motor Replacements $98.43
 39. Cheap Domain Registration Hosting $98.39
 40. Donating a Car in Maryland $98.20
 41. Donate Cars Illinois $98.13
42.  Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida $98
 43. Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona $97.93
 44. Car Insurance Quotes Utah $97.92
 45. Life Insurance Co Lincoln $97.07
 46. Holland Michigan College $95.74
 47. Online Motor Insurance Quotes $95.73
 48. Online Colleges $95.65
 49. Paperport Promotional Code $95.13
50.  Online Classes $95.06
 51. World Trade Center Footage $95.02
 52. Massage School Dallas Texas $94.90
53.  Psychic for Free $94.61
54.  Donate Old Cars to Charity $94.55
 55. Low Credit Line Credit Cards $94.49
 56. Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys $94.33

Low Competition High CPC Keywords List 2022

57.  Car Insurance Quotes MN $94.29
 58. Donate your Car for Money $94.01
 59. Cheap Auto Insurance in VA $93.84
60.  Met Auto $93.70
 61. Forensics Online Course $93.51
62.  Home Phone Internet Bundle $93.32
63.  Donating Used Cars to Charity $93.17
64.  PHD on Counseling Education $92.99
 65. Neuson $92.89
 66. Car Insurance Quotes PA  ($92.88)
 67. Royalty Free Images Stock $92.76
 68. Car Insurance in South Dakota $92.72
 69.  Email Bulk Service $92.55
 70. Webex Costs $92.38
71.  Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies $92.23
 72. Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia $92.03
 73. Register Free Domains $92.03
 74. Better Conference Calls $91.44
 75. Futuristic Architecture $91.44
 76. Mortgage Adviser $91.29
77.  Car Donate $88.26
78.  Virtual Data Rooms $83.18
79.  Online College Course $78
80.  Automobile Accident Attorney $76.57
 81. Auto Accident Attorney $75.64
 82. Car Accident Lawyers $75.17
 83. Data Recovery Raid $73.22
 84. Criminal lawyer Miami $70
 85. Motor Insurance Quotes $68.61
 86. Personal Injury Lawyers $66.53
87.  Car Insurance Quotes $61.03
88.  Asbestos Lung Cancer $60.96
89.  Injury Lawyers $60.79
 90. Personal Injury Law Firm $60.56
 91. Online Criminal Justice Degree $60.4

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