Why Google Adsense Isn't Showing the Bank Payment Method

Why Google Adsense Isn't Showing the Bank Payment Method

 Why Google Adsense Isn't Showing the Bank Payment Method

Adsense has a specific limit for each milestone you achieve. It does verification when reaches to 10$ and sometimes the Bank payment method appear after the payments are added into the main balance. It is also seen that most of the users get their payment method option when their balance crosses 100$. However, in some cases when your bank payment method is not showing up, you should not worry about it. Here are some of the reasons that might cause this problem.

If you have been using Google Adsense and want to add the bank payment method, you may notice that the bank option isn’t showing up. You may be wondering what happened to the payment method you used in the past and how to go about getting it back on your account. This guide will help explain how to get the Google Adsense bank payment method back on your account and how to avoid losing it again in the future.

Uncheck Automatic Wire Transfer

If you have an existing account on AdSense and have ever changed your bank information, then there is a good chance that your new bank information has been automatically selected as your payment method. However, when you check Wire Transfer as your payment method and use it to deposit money into an account other than your personal bank account, there is no way for you to manually select which account to deposit money into. Because of this issue, automatic wire transfers may not be in effect for some users. If that's what's happening with you, then all you need to do is click Uncheck Automatic Wire Transfer and choose your preferred method of payment again.

Set your preferred payment method

There is a bug with AdSense bank account payments, and if you try to set your preferred payment method as bank deposit, you'll get an error. We’re hoping that will be resolved in a future update, but for now we recommend setting your preferred payment method as ad sales and then change it to whatever you want when everything's working correctly. If that doesn't work, try not using a bank account at all and switching back to an ad sales payment method when your preferred payment method shows up. That should work.

Include alternative payment options

We know you’re hoping to get paid, but in some cases, advertisers may not be able to pay directly into your bank account. That doesn’t mean you have any less right to get paid – and in fact, we expect businesses to pay publishers promptly for their services. To ensure you can actually cash those checks when they come in, try signing up for an AdSense alternative payment method, like Check or Direct Deposit. If you’re having trouble with your current bank account, please note that there may be a problem with your checking account status—so make sure to check it out first before reaching out.

Delete inactive advertisers

Google automatically checks if your advertisers are still active. If they aren’t, then you don’t receive payment for that ad. You can delete any inactive advertisers who have not paid up in time. To do so, go to My ads and sites > select Advertisers > select Report a non-paying advertiser or site > choose Deactivate Advertiser Account and Billing Status - Inactive for 6 months or more? Click here. Once you have deleted them, their ads will no longer appear on your pages and you won't be able to earn from them any longer.

Check payments manually

If you’re using direct deposit, your money will be sent directly to your bank account. But if you don’t want to wait for payment approval, or if you want to see what is happening with your account, it is easy to check on payments manually. Simply log into your Adsense account and click on My earnings and then Check payments. On that page, you can see all of your pending payments. If any haven’t been deposited yet, they will show up here and include a date next to them indicating when they were scheduled for deposit.

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