Why This Woman Decided to Sell Her Farts and How She's Making $5k a Day From It


Why This Woman Decided to Sell Her Farts and How She's Making $5k a Day From It

Why This Woman Decided to Sell Her Farts and How She's Making $5k a Day From It

When it comes to interesting things people have done, selling farts has got to be up there with the craziest ideas ever. But that’s exactly what one woman has done, and she’s making some pretty decent cash from her booty gas business. One Redditor decided to share the story of how his cousin decided to sell her farts and how it’s making her $5k per day in gross sales!

Natalie Dylan – The woman who sells her farts

Natalie Dylan is no stranger to an unconventional living. After leaving her job as a cashier at Whole Foods Market in New York City, she decided she wanted to find her passion and came up with an idea that seemed absolutely insane: selling farts on eBay. For real. When we spoke with Natalie recently, she told us how it all started: It really just happened by accident.

Becoming a professional farter

Alina Lopez is one of those girls who has no problem sharing every aspect of her sex life, even if it means showcasing her secret talent in front of millions of people. As weird as that may sound, Alina doesn’t think twice about it. In fact, she decided to get into it by opening an account on Pornhub where she soon became a famous name among men who enjoy looking at girls pass gas like there’s no tomorrow. But that’s not all—Alina has also decided to turn her passion into an actual business, where she sells videos and photos featuring her performing farts. Since then, she has been making thousands of dollars each month with over 130 thousand fans following her on social media.

Disgusting, Or Lucrative?

Most people probably wouldn’t pay good money for a woman’s farts or boob sweat—but, then again, most people aren’t Juliana Isabella. The 20-year-old Brazilian woman is making roughly $500 per day off of her products thanks to e-commerce site Etsy. Here's how she does it: according to Mashable, Isabella sweats into a glass container every day; she then puts that liquid gold in bottles for sale on Etsy.

Natalie Dylan – Her mission is real

she’s not just selling her farts, she wants to make farting socially acceptable. I have an intense dislike for people who smell their own farts, she says. It’s like they’re savoring their poo or something. But I really don’t think farting is any worse than breathing out carbon dioxide, which you exhale every time you breathe.

10 things you didn’t know about the fart industry

If you love farts, like most of us do, you’re in luck because there’s an entire industry dedicated to your guilty pleasure. Some of these things are really useful while others are just crazy, but they all prove that there is money in your butt...literally. If you think about it, we spend quite a bit of time on our behinds—so why not make some profit off them? Woman selling farts: Fart Queen Tia Simmons has been farting her way into our hearts (and wallets) for years now. Last year she revealed how she makes money from her gas: I charge $100 per fart! You supply your own farts.

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