Easily unlock any zip file with a password using the kraken v1.5 tool!

Easily unlock any zip file with a password using the kraken v1.5 tool!

Easily unlock any zip file with a password using the kraken v1.5 tool!

Have you ever needed to access files that are located in a zip file, but you didn’t know the password? Well, there’s no need to worry, because kraken v1.5 is here! If you use this brand new tool, it will allow you to unlock any zip file with ease! Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be able to do this in less than 10 minutes!

What is kraken

Kraken (download) is a free, easy-to-use application designed to help you recover passwords for Zip files created by Microsoft Word or other programs. It can also recover some types of passwords stored in other formats. It uses no external libraries and requires only 64 megabytes of memory (RAM). While running, it has less than 5% CPU usage and less than 2% disk I/O usage on average.

How to use kraken

The kraken software is an easy-to-use command line application that helps you encrypt and decrypt files. Kraken is most useful when dealing with large files, because it allows you to quickly generate passwords of arbitrary length while using very little computing power. There are two different modes in which you can use Kraken: key generator mode and password generator mode. To learn more about how to use Kraken, read our tutorial on How to Crack Zip Files Using Kraken; it will guide you through some of the more advanced features and techniques for cracking zip passwords that aren't easily found in many other tutorials on Zip Password Cracking. watch this tutorial to fully understand the step by step process.  


It doesn’t matter how large your data archives are or how many files they contain – if you need to retrieve a password, Kraken v1.5 is just what you need! It is capable of extracting any information from locked Zip and RAR archives regardless of encryption algorithm and key size. Besides, it supports various combinations of input files when attempting to decrypt multivolume archives (such as those with EFS). Since it makes use of self-generated keys, Kraken v1.5 doesn’t need to consume resources that can be used by other applications, which makes it possible to run its multiple instances simultaneously on one machine without overloading your system.

Tips and tricks

The kraken password-recovery tool is used to brute force zip files in order to gain access to its contents. The program employs an algorithm which matches passwords of varying lengths and complexity against passphrases stored in common archive formats (7z, rar, etc.). This allows even complex archives to be opened in as little as 10 minutes given proper specifications. To open locked zip files securely and quickly, follow these steps

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